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The Belt


The Belt

The Mid System Trading Company (MSTC) needs to consolidate power within the Solar System. The precious metals located between Mars and Jupiter are necessary for economic expansion. They hatch a scheme for an ambitious land grab. All goes well until a group of pirates stumble upon a transprobe bound for The Belt, carrying thirty suits of Battle Armor.

Now a congenial outlaw captain must avoid the peace keeping Security Forces, a hired assassin, and MSTC itself in order to reveal the evil workings of the juggernaut coporation.

The Belt, Prologue and Chapter 1




Kyrell currently resides in Columbus Georgia with his wife Bre, and his two beautiful children. He has two dogs, both of which are German Shephardish.
When Kyrell is not writing, he plays racquetball, works out with his wife, or plays with his dogs. He enjoys scuba diving and shooting.
He currently is exploring self-publishing, but if a publisher is interested in his works, he is more than happy to climb aboard. 





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